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Write to Right™ is a nonprofit organization focused on the power of creative writing to effect social change. The organization began after holding workshops to teach creative writing to elementary school students in a local D.C. public school. When seeing how much the students loved it, we realized we needed to provide these workshops on a regular basis, and Write to Right was born. While creative writing boosts communication, the ability to self-express, and creative and critical thinking skills, many schools don't give their students exposure to creative writing. Write to Right aims to address and fill that gap through its own curriculum. Through fun and engaging hands-on activities and exercises in our copyrighted curriculum, Write to Right cultivates a love of language in all students. Write to Right is hoping to work with schools in the local D.C. area and soon expand to work with schools across the country and the world. We focus on teaching both elementary aged students and middle schoolers. We call ourselves Write to Right because our organization is eager to teach others to use writing to "right", or correct, the injustices around us.

Everyone deserves a voice. We give students one.

Our Mission


Write to Right™ is committed to teaching creative writing to effect social change in communities and to develop self expression, communication abilities, and imagination. Through Write to Right’s own curriculum, students are taught how to write with hands-on exercises and activities. While creative writing is critical and life changing, many communities lack access to workshops to learn how to write. The Write to Right experience works to fill that gap by providing engaging, fun, and crucial teaching to students, enabling them to flourish.


"It was fun learning how to make a story and bring together my words to say something powerful. The activities were so fun and taught me so much."

- Damon, 1st grade Hearst student in Write to Right workshops

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