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Workshops at Brigadier General Library

We hold creative writing workshops at Brigadier Library in Silver Spring, Maryland. Using our own curriculum, we teach creative writing to kids at the library and help them better express themselves!


STRUCTURE: weekly, hour-long, free, in-person workshops at Brigadier Library in Silver Spring. Teaching with Write to Right's own curriculum, students engage in writing exercises to build their imaginative skills and develop their self-expression. Workshops run through the 2023-2024 school year and are every other Sunday from 3-4pm on the fifth floor staff room. The next workshop is January 7, 2024. While students are encouraged to come for each workshop, they can join for whichever workshops they are available. Our past workshops ran through Feb-May 2023.

AGES: Students ages 7-15 are encouraged to join the workshop. 


MATERIALS: each student receives a notepad and writing utensils. All materials are provided for students and the workshops are completely free.

HIGHLIGHTS: Writing stories based on the New York Times Year in Pictures and writing stories based on different characters, settings, and emotions! The end of each workshop will result in a culminating portfolio of stories and short pieces for each student.

"I liked that I could just walk in from the library and that the workshop was open to everyone. We did a lot of fun activities, and as soon as we finished the first workshop, I begged my mom to come back! Each week, we’ve done so many interesting activities, and I feel like I’m better able to express my thoughts about different social issues."

Emily, 9-year-old at Brigadier library

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