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Our Curriculum

Developing writers and change-makers one story at a time

  • ages 7-15

  • free, weekly, in-person, hour-long workshops

  • ​all materials provided

  • creative writing with a social justice angle

Write to Right's copyrighted curriculum consists of: 

  • exercises resulting in short and long fiction, poetry, and plays 

  • an emphasis on the main elements of story: plot, setting, characters, dialogue

  • writing focused on social justice issues, current events, and recent headlines in the news

  • letters to leaders on issues students care about

  • writing based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

  • sharing and workshopping students' pieces with each other to further develop the writing

  • reading example writing from professional writers to learn from and emulate in students' own works

  • developing a culmination of pieces in a range of genres, including stories, poems and plays 

  • writing based on the New York Times Year in Pictures

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