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Hearst Elementary

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Curriculum included:

  • an exercise where students practiced writing a story from an assigned character, emotion, and setting 

  • activity writing about a favorite memory inspired by a classmate's

  • timed exercises with prompts varying from favorite animal to favorite room in a student's home

  • stories based on scenarios inciting joy, anger, or frustration

STRUCTURE: hour-long in-person workshops at Hearst Elementary in May, 2022. Teaching with Write to Right's own curriculum, students engaged in writing exercises to develop the plot, characters, and settings in their stories. 

AGES: 6-13. Write to Right created two curriculums for the 6-9 year olds and the 10-13 year olds, so the activities and lessons were meeting each age group where they were at. 

HIGHLIGHTS: reading excerpts from Wicked to learn about dialogue and prepare for when students wrote and performed their own plays!

VOLUNTEERS: 4-5 volunteers taught each workshop, in an instructor student ratio of 1:6. These volunteers were trained on the curriculum ahead of the workshops. From organizing, explaining, and leading the exercises to reviewing and assisting students on their writing, volunteers provided guidance and mentorship to students.

"I didn't know learning could be so fun! I wrote so much and found the words to say what I wanted to say. I want Write to Right to come back!"
Delilah, 5th grade student at Hearst Elementary
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