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Pilot Program: Hearst Elementary School by Tara Prakash

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Write to Right held its pilot program in May of 2022, where we organized and led creative writing workshops for elementary school students aged PK-5th grade at Hearst Elementary School in D.C. Using our own curriculum, we engaged the students in interactive and exciting writing activities and exercises. Students worked on developing prose and poems using prompts and were given the opportunities to share and workshop their writing with each other.

Write to Right brought four writing instructors to each workshop to guide the students, explain the activities, and provide feedback on stories. These instructors were trained on the curriculum and prolific creative writers, who were passionate and excited to share what they learned with their students.

Due to the wide range of ages, Write to Right designed different activities for various students. For example, to practice dialogue, older students acted out dialogue from Wicked, and then they emulated what they learned in their own plays through several structured writing prompts.

Through exercises like these, students cultivated a portfolio of work. We received positive feedback from both the Hearst students and the program coordinators at Hearst on the curriculum, which Write to Right created and vetted by professional writers.

All materials were provided for students, including the example writing students read, the notebooks students used, and the writing utensils they wrote with. This program at Hearst was beneficial for the instructors and the students, and we were so excited to see how much the students loved the instructors, the activities, and the writing they created in the workshops!

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