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Write to Right Starts Teaching Garrison Elementary by Krish Batra

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Krish Batra '25, Sidwell Friends

Being a Write to Right tutor was a marvelous experience. Despite being previously inexperienced in working with children, I quickly found myself enjoying myself and becoming immersed in the writing workshops that I led. The children shared the same sentiment and loved creative writing; they had a wonderful time and were very engaged. In addition to teaching, I learned so much from them about creativity and how it fosters the writing process.

One of the highlights of the program was watching the children write and draw after we led lessons. Their ability to quickly grasp concepts and creatively apply them to stories of their choice was delightful. Their young and lively imaginations created an exuberant atmosphere in the room, throughout sessions, especially during fun activities like “snack time” and student-involved learning activities.

I wholeheartedly recommend participating in Write to Right, as it was not only enjoyable and rejuvenating but enhanced my tutoring abilities and working with children as well. For writers, there is no better inspiration for creativity than the active and imaginative mind of a child. I hope to see you all there in the coming weeks!

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