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We need writing now more than ever 

Using Write to Right's™ own curriculum, our free of charge, in-person workshops provide people with the tools they need to advocate for and communicate about the causes and issues they believe in


Write to Right™ teaches underserved communities creative writing as a tool towards self-transformation and social change. We focus on using creative writing as a means for social justice to empower others to make change in their communities. Through Write to Right’s own curriculum, students are taught how to write and express themselves, creating a culminating anthology at the end of each workshop. While creative writing is critical and life changing in that it develops self expression, communication, and imagination in students, many communities lack access to workshops to learn how to write. The Write to Right experience works to fill that gap by providing engaging, fun, and crucial teaching to students, enabling them to flourish.

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“Write to Right engaged the kids in a variety of writing exercises and activities to develop their writing skills to make differences in the world. The students loved it. We would love to have Write to Right back!”

Maurice Hill, program coordinator for Hearst Elementary School


A word after a word after a word is power.

- Margaret Atwood

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