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Who we are & what we do:

Between the Lines is an online literary journal. We are looking for submissions related to any and all social justice issues (gun reform, climate change & the environment, race & identity, etc.). Our journal accepts all types of writing - journalistic, academic, and creative - with a specific focus on writing geared towards social justice or social change.

Eligibility requirements:

Anyone, regardless of age or geographic location, is eligible to submit. We only accept unpublished work. As submissions are read anonymously, please do not include your name on the submission document itself. There is no submission fee. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Submissions should be in 12 pt Times New Roman and .pdf or .docx format. You cannot submit more than three pieces. There is no length limit for any piece you submit.

Need some ideas to get started? We're here to help!

If you are interested in submitting but need some help with ideas/topics, we are happy to suggest some possible topics or instances where the written word has led to social change or addressed some social injustice – you can then delve further in your writing to explore the topic more deeply.


Submission Deadline:

The submission deadline for our upcoming issue is November 20, 2023.

We look forward to reading your submissions then!

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